Opening in 2025

Due to open in 2025, The Valley Resort is a lucrative project that aims to unlock the grandeur of the Romanian Carpathians to the world.

“The Carpathians in your backyard, Europe at your doorstep”

Construction is well on its way, with 40 brand-new homes expected to be delivered by September 2023. Eventually, this luxury park will boast 175 exclusive homes, along with a private lake, a restaurant, children’s animation, sports facilities, and ample opportunities to discover the stunning landscape. Join us on our journey and get excited about what is to come!

Our mission.

We create long-lasting and meaningful local partnerships, guided by the needs of the community and respect for nature, to offer our guests an exceptional and unforgettable holiday experience, that helps individuals to rediscover themselves and connect with nature and their loved ones.

At ResortNet, the brand of BungalowNet Group focused on holiday park operations, we understand that owning a holiday home is more than just a financial investment; it’s a place that you will come to love and sometimes even use as a home yourself. That’s why we take care of every aspect of your holiday home’s operations, ensuring a seamless experience for you and the guests residing in your home.

With our comprehensive suite of services, ResortNet handles everything from reservations and occupation to housekeeping and upkeep, leaving you free of any administrative burdens. Our experienced team of professionals is committed ensuring to a smooth flow of operations and a steady flow of income from your home.


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    Brașov – Vama Buzăului, Romania

    Investing in The Valley Resort offers a unique opportunity to be part of an exclusive and lucrative destination. Contact us today to explore the exciting investment prospects for our exceptional resort, where nature meets luxury in a display of exceptional beauty.